The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde

The Wright Mistake - K.A. Linde


I thought I had this particular Wright figured out, but it turns out I never had a clue. Behind the party boy persona was a deeply compelling individual. Austin was smarter than anyone gave him credit for. He managed to hide his insecurities behind his good time ways. His thirst for unconditional love and understanding led to self destructive behavior. He was addicted to the attention it brought more than the vices that got him noticed. Never did he count on losing his heart to a spitfire with a tough girl attitude and a body full of ink. Fear and pride cost him the greatest of treasures. Will remorse help him become the better man she needs him to be? We all dream of that perfect love and although Julia and Austin are far from the perfect couple, Ms. Linde makes you want to root for them flaws and all.