Second Chance Girl (Happily Inc.) by Susan Mallery

Second Chance Girl: A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Happily Inc) - Susan Mallery


From puppy love thru teenage crush to adult frustration, there is one major commonality. Heartbreak. Opening up to that chance of forever, only to discover that hope has turned to never.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  Perhaps that's why Carol and Mathias are easy to identify with.  A piece of ourselves shines through in every scenario. Self -doubt, sadness and a little bit of hopeful fantasy guides readers through a romance that is uniquely sweet and irresistible to the hidden romantic in us all.  Carol is a woman with a ton of baggage but a huge amount of heart.  She showers love on the animals she welcomes into her home, but wishes for someone to call her own. Mathias is a man that sees beauty, where others don't bother to look.  He creates beauty using his mind, his heart and his hands.  Can he allow his creative optimism to guide him in matters of the heart? Second Chance Girl begins as a long range dream and quickly becomes a tale of understated beauty and courageous second chances.  What dreams are made of. The ability to hope.