Brock (Las Vegas Sidewinders) by Kat Mizera

Las Vegas Sidewinders: Brock - Kat Mizera


What would you do for love? Love of sport and a connection of the heart are key factors that Ms. Mizera takes on in her latest Sidewinders. Intense emotion leads to heartwarming moments and humorous antics for the actress and the hockey star. Love brings them together, but not for each other. Hockey is Brock's mistress of choice. The adrenaline rush, adoring fans and bad choices feed his ego and land him on the brink of losing it all. Ashleigh is a woman in the spotlight. Her dream has always been to be a star. Now that she's accomplished her career aspirations, she longs for more. A life beyond the bright lights and big dreams. Family. Her heart belongs to a little girl that she longs to make her own, but life in the headlines is making that an impossible acquisition. What she needs is a miracle, what she gets is anything but. Brock is full of precious moments. Whether crying from gut wrenching laughter or anxiously awaiting happily ever after, Kat Mizera keeps a tight reign on a heart.