Royal Design

Royal Design - Sariah S. Wilson ARC Review: Royal Design (The Royals of Monterra) by Sariah Wilson

Bellamy is a realist. From an early age, her world has been full of disappointments and heartbreaking losses. Her resilience has allowed her to roll with the punches and turn those negatives into positives through hard work and positive thinking she has turned her tragedies into her motivations. With three words, her life will never be the same. "You're a Princess", is the last thing she expects to hear about herself. Her life has hardly consisted of rainbows and happily ever afters. What will she do? Royal Design combines the best aspects of romance. Secret reveals, classic inspiration and the standard happily ever after. It just takes drama and heartache to get there. Whenever I read Sariah Wilson and her Royals of Monterra series, I can't help but smile. Classic and modern become one and deliver feel good romances. Dreams never get old.