The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby

The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby - Kira Archer Brooks greatest strength is being the life of the party. The goofball with the wicked sense of humor, a thirst for sexy women and a need to be the center of attention. It turns out Mr. Party Animal is full of surprises and the his biggest critic is himself. Kira Archer knows how to throw a party. Her talent for writing fiction that entertains is legendary. However, she is also good at pointing out the obvious in her characters and doling out some big surprises when it counts. Brooks and Leah were a surprise that counted. Who would have thought that good time Charlie would be such a great catch? The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby mixes realism, humor and heart with a maturity that turns the tale on it's head. The man who never met a responsibility he liked, may risk it all for a woman who prides herself on that very trait. Ms. Archer aims for the heart and she surely hits her mark.