More to Love (A Perfect Fit)

More to Love (A Perfect Fit) - Alison Bliss
I have nothing but love for Alison Bliss and her Perfect Fit series. She empowers women with a strength of character that is light hearted and in no way mean spirited. She proves that you don't have be a size 0 to get the most out of life. This time around, she gives the tale a surprising twist in Max Hager. He's funny, sexy, an all around stand up guy with hidden insecurities that haunt him everyday. Jessa is a go getter. She doesn't wait for life to happen to her. She makes it happen for herself. Max could learn a few things from her. More to Love is a pleasurable, humorous and heartwarming look at how the plus size live. It inspires and for that I admire her and am a fan for life.