Switch Hitter

Reblogged from Hopeless Romantic:
Switch Hitter - Sara Ney Ready. Set. Go! Get Ready for some hi-jinx on and off the field. Switch Hitter pulls out all the stops. Sara Ney scores a home run with mischievous twins and a sweetheart of a romance. Amelia has a good heart. She has a good head on her shoulders except when it comes to her frequently flighty twin. Her sensitive heart and irresponsible sister keep landing her in some awkward situations. Like losing your heart to a man who is supposed to be dating your sister. Dash has been called many things, but clueless is not one of them. This bad boy jock knows how to score and will stop at nothing to win. Switch Hitter lays on the charm with humor, heart and heat. Barrels of laughs and tons of fun.