Her Russian Mobster (The Volkov Brothers Series Book 3)

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Her Russian Mobster (The Volkov Brothers Series Book 3) - Leslie North With an iron first and a hard heart, Kaz has the power to cause fear. Allie is a firecracker. She loves with her whole heart and is determined to make a success of her business. When a dark shadow sets about engulfing her world, can she protect the people she cherishes most without risking her heart in the fight. Allie and Kaz meet under less than honorable circumstances. He's collecting a debt. She's guarding her own. Yet, their highway to love is anything but cut and dried. Her Russian Mobster is complex, dangerous and more often than not dark, but love is about taking risks and weathering storms. Ms. North takes readers through an abundance of storm clouds, before the rainbow appears. Never a dull moment in this bumpy thrill ride.