Her Dirty Little Secret

Her Dirty Little Secret - J.C. Harroway History precedes them. Attraction defines them. Can fate help heal them? Her Dirty Little Secret is not defined by it's title. Ms. Harroway makes sure of that. Rather, it's the story of two strong people afraid to show weakness. A battle of wills is on the horizon, but baggage is the name of the game. Harley is a woman on a mission. After never feeling good enough, she plans to help others overcome what she calls, her shameful secret. The one man that can help her is determined to stand in her way. Jack is a man with an axe to grind. Harley is his greatest regret and his biggest weakness. What begins as revenge, quickly becomes something else. Harley and Jack's path is littered with pride, insecurities and secrets. The wisdom behind the journey is the definition of why J.C. Harroway is a favorite author of mine. We are not defined by weakness, it's the lessons we learn from them that makes us the person we are. Powerful temptation.