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Title: His Royal Hotness


Age Group: Adult


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

He’s bound by duty. She’s a free spirit. They could never work, unless…

Molly believes in exploring wherever life takes her, even if that means parts of a royal palace in Scotland that are closed to the public. And if she’s mistaken for a world famous painter and given a private audience with the deliciously sexy Duke of Roxburghe, then why not pretend to be somebody else, at least for a while?

Callum doesn’t have time for fun and games—not when he’s got a country to run and a legacy to uphold. But when a free-spirited American works her way past the palace guards, she somehow manages to break down the walls around his heart too. If only he could make her understand that despite their mutual attraction, his feelings for her are simply too intense, too passionate, too dirty, to reconcile with his duty-filled life.

Will Callum learn that the needs of his heart are just as important as the needs of his country? And will Molly trust that Callum is the man who’ll love her for a lifetime and beyond? Find out in this regal romp filled with mistaken identities, forbidden loves, and exciting twists that don’t stop coming.





His Royal HotnessHis Royal Hotness by Virna DePaul

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She's a rulebreaker. He's a rule maker. Responsibility is a constant in Callum's life. To his country, to his people and to the legacy of his family. Molly never met a risk she wouldn't take. They have nothing in common, but could learn much from each other. He has a lot to lose, but even more to gain. His Royal Hotness is about making the choice to live in the moment. Memories are even more precious when you take the time to enjoy making them. Cute story, great couple.

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About the author:

Virna DePaul is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, and a former criminal prosecutor who writes thrilling, sexy stories about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary obstacles to find love. She has been traditionally published with Penguin, Harlequin, and Random House, and is also a bestselling Indie author.

Website: www.virnadepaul.com

Email: virna@virnadepaul.com