Rapture (Renegades, #8) by Skye Jordan

Rapture - Skye Jordan


Is this the beginning of the end for the Renegades? Will Zahara ever find her happy ending? Can love really conquer all? Rapture is the magic of what love can do. It's power can turn strangers into one big happy family. It shines a light on what it means to hope and pushes us to facing our fears. After all without risk there is no reward. With Chase and Zahara, Skye Jordan shows how a leap of faith can help mend a broken heart. Love is a master of disguise. It's not always kind. It's messy, heartbreaking, irresistible, irrational and inspiring. There is no limit to the adjectives that describe love, but if you get it right it's worth it in the end. Jordan got it right. Rapture is so worth it.