1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Nineteen by Heather Graham, CD Reiss, Kristen Proby, Liliana Hart, Darcy Burke

1001 Dark Nights Bundle - Darcy Burke, Kristen Proby, CD Reiss, Heather Graham, Liliana Hart



Proby, Reiss, Burke, Hart and Graham keep it hot with five intriguingly, tempting reads. From eerie, to sexy, sassy and humorous. Bundle #19 of 1001 Dark Nights puts on quite a show.

Prince Roman by CD Reiss - Control is an alluringly, deceptive beast. It presents a false sense of security that can easily be broken. Raven is slowly learning the error of her ways. All it takes is a forbidden attraction and a true life prince to have her breaking all the rules. Is the cost worth the risk? CD Reiss makes temptation a top priority. Prince Roman is a sensual delight that is unpredictable, wicked and short. Spice up the bookshelf with this hot little number. (4 stars)

No Reservations by Kristen Proby - There are few authors like Kristen Proby. With just one line, she can steal your heart, breath and leave you speechless all while stirring up the most unexpected of emotions. No Reservations keeps to that winning formula. No Reservations is not very original, but it makes up for that with great characters, humorous dialogue and tempting scenarios. Proby and perfect go hand in hand. (5 stars)

So Good by Darcy Burke - There is sensuality to the business of wine. The taste of it, the preparation of the flavorful blends, are an attack on the senses and loosen inhibitions. It' s only fitting that this aphrodisiac would be at the center of a love story. So Good is classic Darcy Burke. Savvy, sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance. (5 stars)