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Allie York is back with a novella, STAY, from her lovable
The Shores series. Blair Smith takes her work seriously and
her men casually. Jaxon Stone spent his whole life picking
himself up from a life in foster care, always looking for
the family he never had. Fans of accidental pregnancy
romance will adore this steamy yet heartful read.


About STAY



Title: Stay


Author: Allie York


Release Date: June 6, 2019


Publisher: self-published


Series: The Shores Book 2


Genres: Contemporary Romance




Blair Smith is her own woman. She’s strong, independent, and
proud of it. Owning a wildly successful boutique by day and
having a different date every night is her idea of living
the dream. Blair takes her work seriously and her men
casually, until she makes the best decision with the
worst possible man.

Jaxon Stone spent his whole life picking himself up.
From a child in foster care to a teen in juvie, life
always seemed to dish out the worst. Once he
landed at The Shores Animal Hospital Jax found a
family. The only thing missing is someone to share
that family with.

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Stay (The Shores, #2)Stay by Allie York

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stay touched a special place in my heart. Jaxon is a man of few words, but with an abundance of heart. His life has been littered with so much pain, yet his ability to love remains intact. Family is the one thing he's always wanted, but never had. So he creates one of his own. Animals become his passion and help heal his broken heart. He doesn't have time to wish for something he's never had, until she walks into his world and runs away with his heart. York keeps it simple and the journey is all the more sweet because of it. 

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Copyright @ Allie York 2019

Jax swaggered over just as the coffee pot beeped. He reached around
me, leaning in close to take the pot, and pouring two cups before
putting it back. “You always drink that much? I thought you were
a health freak.” He dumped way too much sugar in the coffee.


        “It’s all about balance.” I shrugged putting a teaspoon of
sugar in mine. “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, and it will
all balance out.” I sipped my coffee, watching him lean
against the counter like he belonged in my kitchen. “Do you go?”


        “To the gym? Yeah, that one across town, Frankie’s.”
He stared at the coffee, then me. “I’ve slept with too
many women at World Fitness to go back. It got weird.”
I nearly spit my coffee.


        “How many?” I looked into his gray eyes.
Maybe it was the daiquiris, but Jax was sexy.
In his button down, all the tattoos were covered,
but I knew they were there. His arms had these
skulls and stuff on them, but he never looked like
a thug. He looked like a badass. Only Jax could
pull it off. When he didn’t answer, I walked past
him to the living room, and he followed.


        “Maybe eight?” Jax sat at the other end of the
couch, slouching back in a classic manspread.
I curled my legs under me, trying not to give him a
clear shot up my skirt. At least my buzz left me a little dignity.


        “Maybe eight? You don’t know?” I teased, sipping my coffee.


        “No,” Jax said it like he couldn’t give me a number if he tried.

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Author Allie York:


Allie is a mom and dog groomer by day. At night she is
posted at her laptop writing or reading in a cozy corner.
She has a soft spot for gooey romance, over-creamed
coffee, and anything cute and furry.

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