The Billionaire's Secret (The Billionaire Duet #2) by: Nana Malone

The Billionaire's Secret (The Billionaire Duet #2) - Nana Malone



All is revealed. Or is it? Derrick conned his way into my heart in Bodyguard to the Billionaire, Billionaire's Secret picks up right where book 1 left off. Zia finds double trouble when she comes face to face with a shocking truth. How can she trust her head when it continues to be overshadowed by her heart? Seems tall, dark and tempting has more than a bit of explaining to do. For me, the beauty of The Billionaire Duet is figuring out where the truth lies and the lies begin. Malone proves that a slight of hand can make for compelling storytelling. Deception proves to be a sucker punch to the heart.