Audio/Ebook Review: Skating on Thin Ice: Seattle Sockeyes Hockey (Game On in Seattle, #1) by Jami Davenport (Author), Shaina Summerville (Narrator)

Skating on Thin Ice: Seattle Sockeyes (Game On in Seattle Book 1) - Jami Davenport




Anytime there are two strong personalities, a clash is inevitable. Yet, Davenport is an ace at managing the fallout. Skating on Thin Ice is a passionate drama that feeds off the heat of attraction and slowly exposes the heart underneath. Lauren and Ethan are my favorite Davenport characters because they go after what they want instead of watching from the sidelines. I'd read the book first and sort of fell into the audio later, but Summerville is pure gold. Her narration is spot on and captivating to listen to.