Duty or Desire (The Westmoreland Legacy) by: Brenda Jackson

Duty or Desire (The Westmoreland Legacy) - Brenda Jackson



From old friends to new acquaintances, the Westmorelands are ever growing. Brenda Jackson drives that point home with The Westmoreland Legacy series. Duty or Desire is the latest asset to this wonderful dynasty that Jackson has created. Pete is a friend of the family. Responsible, wealthy, a bit jaded, but all heart. Pete is struggling with heartbreaking life twists both in his past and present. The most recent tragedy has left him guardian to his baby niece. Love does not come easy to him, but when he gives his heart like everything, he gives 100%. When a surprising turn of events brings him face to face with his destiny, he has some choices to make. Will he spend his life, living in the past, nursing heartache or will open his heart to a second chance, before it slips through his fingers? I'm a sucker for a single dad story. They are so adorable that they make my heart hurt.