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And then I met Cruz Winslow…

He’s everything I’m not, and then some — a budding musician, he’s cocky and arrogant. 

He’s at ease in every situation and treats me like I’m the only person who exists. 

Together we’re in sync with everything we do and I’m falling hard and fast for him.

He’s also a complicated boy and although I can’t begin to understand the life he’s lived, 

I want to be there for him in every way possible.

And that’s how it happened. 

Slowly but surely, he’s captured my heart —

One I wasn’t prepared to give away…


Jade Moore is not my type…

She’s a good girl and has her entire life mapped out.

I’ve never met anyone like her.  

The girl is disciplined and determined. 

I’m not.

She follows the rules.

I don’t.

She’s sunshine and the girl next door.

I’m sex and booze.

We don’t mix.

But from the minute I lay my eyes on her, I’m done for. She’s everything I never knew  

I wanted…

And now all I want is…more Jade. 


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