We are thrilled to share a teaser from PRETTY LITTLE TEASE by AJ Merlin coming January 31!



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It’s a harmless way for a college student to make extra money… until it isn’t.

I’m careful not to show my face, so why do I feel like I’m being watched when the camera turns off?

No one should know who I am or be able to find me, but they do, and things quickly spiral out of control.

The two unhinged men who fill my cam chat with all the deplorable things they want to do to me are closer than I think. To them I’m just a pretty little tease, and their obsession turns into something so much more than I bargain for.

I should have run away when they found me, because now it’s too late for me to be anything except theirs.

Pretty Little Tease is a 100k+ word dark romance standalone where the heroine never has to choose between her professor and classmate. It includes MMF, MFM, MM, and mature content. To see a full list of possible triggers, use the look inside feature of the book.

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We are thrilled to share a teaser from JUDGMENT DAY by Delaney Foster coming January 20th! Pre-Order your copy for only 99¢!







Evil did exist. And it knelt at the feet of power.

They built an empire on lies and deceit.
I was here to burn it down.

They called it Judgment Day—as though they were gods among men.
It was their reason for taking her.
It was their motive for punishing me.

After spending five years in prison for a crime I didn't commit, I walked out a monster disguised as a gentleman.

It's time to take back what's mine, including her.
She thinks she's in love with someone else—and maybe she is.
So, I'll share her with him.
But only for a while.
I'll be her hero... and her villain.

In a world of secrets and sacrifice, someone is bound to lose. A day of judgment is coming. This time it will be me they bow down to.

*Judgment Day is book four of an ongoing, interconnected series. It is highly recommended you read books 1-3 first. The Obsidian Brotherhood is a dark romance series revolving around a secret society. Please check triggers.*

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We are thrilled to share a teaser from HATS OFF TO LOVE by Kathryn Andrews coming January 18!







What you can expect:

Brother's Best Friend

Enemies to Lovers

Fake Dating

From bestselling author, Kathryn Andrews, comes an all new full length standalone, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy, that will leave readers who love fake dating your best friend's brother, witty banter, and spicy scenes craving for more...

If you ask anyone to describe the great state of Kentucky, odds are they’ll most likely answer you with “Bourbon and horses,” but if you ask Rosie May, the only thing she’ll ever respond with is “Derby hats.”

Big hats. Small hats. Elaborate hats. Simple hats. You name it, she loves them all. Every. Single. One. Because of this, she’s always known she would one day own a Derby hat store. At twenty-five, she’s back in her hometown of Louisville, and her dream has finally come true. With the season officially underway, her brand-new shop is gorgeous, the inventory is stocked, and she’s ready to go. Her only problem is William Stokes Whitlock III.

Stokes is tall, insanely handsome, heir to one of the largest thoroughbred farms, and her best friend’s brother. He’s also annoying, incredibly boring, arrogant, and for over half of her life, her sworn enemy. Only now, it seems he needs a favor. As for why, he won’t say.

For two months, she’ll be his girlfriend, and in return he’ll use his society status to help promote her new shop. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. She thinks his timing couldn’t be worse, but the way he sees it, it’s the best. The best for who—that’s to be determined.

How do they pretend to be in love when all they’ve ever felt is hate? Can she do this? Can they? Especially knowing it’s fake . . . or is it?

Can Rosie set aside what she thinks she knows of the boy from her past to see the man standing in her present? With her heart at stake, she has to decide if she’s willing to go against the odds to place the biggest bet of them all . . . on love

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We are thrilled to share a teaser from RECKLESS PURSUIT by Morgan James coming February 21!






Don't miss Aiden and Izzy’s story, a small-town, brother’s best friend romantic suspense from USA Today bestselling author Morgan James.

Isabella Thorne is precisely that—a thorn in my side. For years, my best friend’s little sister has tagged along behind us, dogging our every step. She’s wildly independent and outspoken… and the most tempting woman I’ve ever met.

When two young women disappear from her college campus, Izzy comes to me for help. She’s hell-bent on finding the truth, but I refuse to put her in danger. She means too much to me, and I’ll do everything in my power to keep her from doing something reckless—even if it means handcuffing the little hellion to my bed to keep her safe.

Reckless Pursuit is a small-town, brother’s best friend romantic suspense full of thrills, a dash of humor, and all the feels. Don’t miss the rest of the books in the Rescue & Redemption Series!

#1 Friendly Fire - Grayson and Claire

#2 Cruel Vendetta - Drew and Emery

#3 Reckless Pursuit - Aiden and Izzy

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