Betting the Bad Boy: The Bad Boys of Destiny

Betting the Bad Boy: The Bad Boys of Destiny - Sugar Jamison Duke and Grace had a connection that outsiders didn't understand. He was the troubled bad boy. She was the rich girl who had a bright future. Love brought them together. Prejudice and hate tore them apart. I received an ARC of Betting the Bad Boy in exchange for an honest review. Lolly is a wonderful character. She gives these boys the nurturing they need direct to the point and with a sassy comeback every time. She's the missing piece to a less than perfect life for Duke, Colt and Levi. It is hard not to fall for Duke. Rough around the edges he has endured a lot of pain in his young life but has worked his tail off to make a better life for himself and his brothers. The Kings are not an easy family but are bonded by a past that would break anyone and are still standing.
This is a story of young love that developed into heartache but was stronger than all the persecution faced. Sugar Jamison is a lot like Lolly in that she is direct and to the point but compassionate. I love this series and am looking forward to Levi's story.