How To Impress A Marquess

How To Impress A Marquess - Susanna Ives
ARC Review: How to Impress a Marquess (Wicked Little Secrets) by Susanna Ives

Plenty of moments of delight accompany Lilith and George as they face the ultimate test. How to Impress a Marquess blends intellect with heart to deliver a fresh look at a subject that is repeatedly examined in the genre of romance. Following your heart. George conceals himself behind the obligations of his title, never letting anyone close enough to expose his dreams and secret yearnings. Lilith does the opposite. She reveals her true self to the world in defiance of the negativity and hurt she hides away in her heart. Ms. Ives has flamboyant heroine stole the show with her impulsiveness but she also drove home the point that life is to be lived not feared. Wise advice.