Completely Yours (Opposites Attract)

Completely Yours (Opposites Attract) - Erin Nicholas A recluse by choice Kiera hides her strengths and wears her flaws like a badge of honor. Zach's job is to help those in need. His career as an EMT brings him a close up view of some of the most tragic events, but his level head and quick actions have proven beneficial in many times of crisis. On the outside he's a pillar of strength, but on the inside he's dealing with a broken heart and a guilty due to a recent loss in his own life. Completely Yours is standard Erin Nicholas. Abundantly funny intertwined with heady romance and irresistible characters. It's invigorating to read a story that identifies with many but feels like it is speaking directly to you. So many things in life are worth being passionate about and Completely Yours proves to be one of them.