His Ballerina Bride

His Ballerina Bride - Teri Wilson Hypothesizing a situation is much different then living it out full scale. The mind allows the person to dream up worse case scenarios but the heart refuses to believe that any can happen. Teri Wilson guided me on a journey of sorrow, hope and winding roads in the inspirational tale of Ophelia Rose. Her lifelong dream ended the day her nightmare began, now it's up to a billionaire playboy to show her what true beauty is. Flaws and all. It's hard to see words when your eyes refuse to stop watering. I loved Ophelia for her grace in the face of adversity. Artem made suave not only look sexy but despite his philandering ways was the perfect soulmate to mend a broken heart. His Ballerina Bride felt like journeying through a dream that I never wanted to end.

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