Fool for Love

Fool for Love - Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings, Heather Boyd Love is a multi-faceted emotion. There are so many words that can describe this one feeling from anger to lust, pain to happiness, attraction to hatred. So many feelings are wrapped up in this one word, therefore it's fitting that Fool for Love explores the effects of love both good and bad. A trio of talented authors give glimpses into the emotional havoc we can LOVE.

His Valentine's Secret by Beverly Oakley - From a painful breakup to a plot for revenge. The road to happily ever after leads Lisette on a journey of darkness and hurt pride. Can she let go of the pain of the past for a second chance at happiness?

Truly, My Love by Donna Cummings - A sham of convenience, has a surprising Twist. Ms. Cummings lightens up the mood with this adorable couple.

A Husband for Mary by Heather Boyd - A mysterious kiss leads to an all to familiar emotion. Can a leopard change it's spots? Or will risking her heart turn into Mary's biggest heartache?

Heather Boyd, Beverly Oakley and Donna Cummings approach this complex emotion with a hint of humor, a ton of mystery and a wealth of wisdom. Fool for Love is a wonderful ode to romance.