Any Time, Any Place (The Billionaire Builders)

Any Time, Any Place (The Billionaire Builders) - Jennifer Probst A complicated trek delivers a bigger reward. I can think of no better words to describe Dalton and Raven. Any Time, Any Place is an ode to heartbreak that blossoms into a melodic symphony of healing. The road is tedious and the secrets are abundant but Ms. Probst gives a bountiful beauty to a sometimes tragic aria. Dalton has magic in his hands and hope in his heart. His restoration skills are legendary. Inspired by the past he thrives on rebuilding the broken, making old like new. Raven is a project on the mend. Past betrayal has led her to close herself off as she works to move on with her life. Beauty draws him in but can love make him whole? Or will the past destroy his chance at a future? Jennifer Probst took a soap opera and made it into a modern fairytale.