Her Relentless Russian (Karev Brothers Book 3)

Her Relentless Russian (Karev Brothers Book 3) - Leslie North Leslie North finally filled in the blanks with Her Relentless Russian. Not only did the mystery of Sergey and his murderous end take center stage, but the family dynamic of the Karev brothers also comes more in to focus. That was the one thing that bothered me about the previous books within the series, the wedge that seemed to keep the brothers apart. These men are dominant personalities. Protective of the ones they love, brutal when needed but honor means everything to them and family is just as important. The distance was more about safety than estrangement. Her Relentless Russian is a race to get answers that culminates in a plethora of danger, suspense and lustful romance but Harper and Dmitry make for an adventurous duo that have each others back along the way. Move over Bonnie and Clyde.