Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams - Roxanne St. Claire
ARC Review: Barefoot Dreams (Barefoot Bay: Undercover) by Roxanne St. Claire

These lovebirds have seen their share of dark days, but having made it through the storm, their love is stronger than ever. Looking forward to a future filled with happiness and blue skies Gabe and Lila are on the verge of having it all. Love, family and a long, peaceful life together. That is if they can survive the wedding. A dark dream puts an eerie pall on what's meant to be a happy day. Lila's dream wedding, quickly becomes her worst nightmare. Can the bond they built survive their biggest storm yet? Barefoot Dreams is a whirlwind of dramatic action and suspenseful danger that will leave readers rooting for the hero at every turn. Complicated, emotional, mysterious and exciting. Roller coaster romance, all the way.