Going Down Hard

Going Down Hard - Carly Phillips

ARC Review: Going Down Hard (Billionaire Bad Boys) by Carly Phillips

Cassie is the good girl who has never met a rule she didn't follow. Derek is the outsider with a grudge to settle. Going Down Hard is a story of betrayal, honor and forgiveness. Derek has come a long way from being the son of a gardener and maid. Now, the bitter boy has become a wealthy man with revenge in his heart and lust on his mind. Cassie is a ghost he can't ignore. Her family has caused his nothing but pain, yet he still craves her. Can he let go of the pain of the past to make a life with his enemy's daughter? Or will shocking revelations shatter their second chance? Ms. Phillips doesn't shy away from complications. She uses them toward her advantage and excels. As seductive as it is revealing.