The Scale (Martha's Way Book 1)

The Scale (Martha's Way Book 1) - Mika Jolie The Scale has many themes and sub - themes. Ms. Jolie tackles interracial love, loss, self - doubt, relationships and family dynamics all in one tight little buddle. Somehow, she made it work and all of the interwoven storylines morphed into a beautiful story that is identifiable and emotionally stunning. The most powerful subject matter tackled was that of self - image. The flawed and the flawless. That's how Minka saw herself and her twin sister. Her inferiority complex colors her relationship with herself and the outside world, nearly destroying her relationship with her sister in the process. Important messages abound in this story of love and self worth but the most important one in my eyes in order to get love you have to give love and the ability to love and accept yourself flaws and all is a deciding factor in how the world sees you.