Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football

Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football - Jami Davenport

ARC Review: Game Changer: Seattle Steel Heads Football (Game On In Seattle) by Jami Davenport

She's conquered the hockey arena. Scored a home run with her baseball stars and tackled the competition with her touchdowns on and off the field. So why not dream bigger and aim for the Derby? The Kentucky Derby is the premier arena for the elite and Jami Davenport grabs the spotlight with an underdog horse breeder determined to live up to the former glory of her family business. Kate is a woman with big dreams and enough spirit to make them a reality. Add in a hot jock with a lot of opinions, an abundance of heart and just the right motivation and the race is on. Another crowning achievement can be added to Ms. Davenport's arsenal of winners.