Tempt Me Tenderly (Heron's Landing Book 2)

Tempt Me Tenderly (Heron's Landing Book 2) - Iris Morland Will the love of her dreams, become the beginning of his heartbreak?

In Tempt Me Tenderly, young love changes the course of two lives. Jaime and Grace's path is one of forbidden love, heartache and redemption. Jaime is the guy with his whole life planned out, until he's blindsided by a love he never knew he wanted. Grace is the girl who wears her heart in her eyes. Her feelings for Jaime are her most sacred dream, but will making them reality, ruin the man of her dreams. Through personal insights, a little hope and lot of love, anything is possible. Ms. Morland pens a beautiful look at the meaning of forgiveness and the healing power of love with Tempt Me Tenderly.