Heron's Landing: The Complete Series

Heron's Landing: The Complete Series - Iris Morland
Seduce Me Sweetly - Sometimes it takes losing your heart before you find yourself ...
What starts as a simple battle of wills quickly tailspins into an attraction that brings chaos in it's wake. Will fear turn a beautiful romance into the makings of an ugly tragedy? Ms. Morland is quickly leaving her mark on a rapidly growing genre. Her blend of sweet and salty romance makes an impression and left me wanting more.

Tempt Me Tenderly - Will the love of her dreams, become the beginning of his heartbreak?

In Tempt Me Tenderly, young love changes the course of two lives. Through personal insights, a little hope and lot of love, anything is possible. Ms. Morland pens a beautiful look at the meaning of forgiveness and the healing power of love with Tempt Me Tenderly.