A Limited Engagement

A Limited Engagement - Bethany Michaels ARC Review: A Limited Engagement (Limitless Love) by Bethany Michaels

What does a person do when faced with a problem that is awkward and dangerous to their career? Create an out that seems beneficial but ends up more complicated.

Enter Derek. The big bad race car driver has it all. A career he loves, his pick of the ladies and a huge sponsor in the wings. If only said sponsor didn't come with unwanted strings. Enter Lily. She's hit rock bottom. Her career is in shambles. Her love life even worse and now her childhood crush is asking for a favor. Her complicated world just became a lot more interesting.

A Limited Engagement had all kinds of wrong, looking the perfect type of right. I've come across a few in recent years, but Ms. Michaels is right up there with the great ones. Anytime an author can involve a reader's heart from beginning to end, the story, the author and the characters are WINNERS.