Marry Me: a Wedding Romance Duet

Marry Me: a Wedding Romance Duet - Samantha Chase, Noelle Adams
There's no way to go wrong when two powerhouses like Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams join forces. Hired Bride and The Wedding Season are a compliment to each other. This time around Ms. Chase brings on the laughter and cheers, while Ms. Adams delivers up the sentiment and tears.

Hired Bride by Noelle Adams - The trouble with love is it happens so fast. One minute you're feet are planted firmly, the next you're on your ***. Deanna knows how to rebel. She's been doing so all her life, but what happens when this renegade is asked to become a wife? To the worst possible candidate. Mitchell may look like the guy of her dreams but the minute he opens his mouth, he becomes the stuff of nightmares. Will the fighting temptations let go of pride and allow love to bridge their great divide? The beauty of Hired Bride is before you realize it, Ms. Adams will have you falling in love. (5 stars)

The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase -

The Wedding Season is my fantasy story. I was enchanted by Tricia. Nothing can trigger her overly dramatic insecurities like weddings. Happily ever afters and Prince Charming are her Kryptonite. Just the thought sends her from level headed to neurotic. The irony is that she gets this way not because she is against the concept, but because it never seems to come her way. Could it be she is just not looking in the right places? She looks to best friend Sean to keep her in check. He is her anchor in a sea of matrimony. Could her anchor be standing in the way of her happily ever after? Samantha Chase has crafted a delightful story full of witty situations, heartwarming moments that are thought provoking and believable. A good time. (5 stars)