One Look (One & Only, #1)

One Look (One & Only, #1) - Christie Ridgway ARC Review: One Look (One & Only) by Christie Ridgway

Poppy sees the possibilities in what others see as impossible. She dreams big and finds beauty in the most interesting and simple things. So when a reclusive man shows up at her soon to be place of business with a bundle of cash an air of sorrow and the simple request to be left alone, she's curious. Tragedy has made Ryan into a loner. In recent years his reckless has garnered much attention but only made him feel more broken inside. A little down time may be just what he needs. Until one unique woman and her mischievous little boy, put a move on his heart. Can Ryan finally let go of his grief and open his heart again? One Look is a heartbreaking story of redemption, healing and second chances that blends inspiration and seduction to create an emotional winner.