The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come - Bella Andre

Sarah Barstow comes from a family of extraordinary women, but somewhere along the way she lost the strength to back it up. She left home to find herself and wound up losing more than she could have ever dreamed. Calvin Vaughn has seen his share of tragedies. From losing his parents in the most heartbreaking of ways to finding out that sometimes love, may just not be enough. In his darkest moments, his brightest light of hope was his precious sister that gave him the will to move forward and build a secure life for her. But when love calls his name, will he heed the call of his broken heart and first love? In order to build a future, you must face your past. We live, we learn and we move on. Bella Andre writes stories that trigger many emotions all at once. The Best is Yet to Come is like taking a blind leap of faith and gaining a reward on the other side. Remarkable story.