The Director and Don Juan

The Director and Don Juan - Katy Regnery Through the creative eyes of one woman, readers have had their hearts broken, souls healed and let their imaginations run wild. Katy Regnery has the distinction of being a one click author and a one day read whenever I get my hands on her new releases. The Director and Don Juan is no exception to that rule. Having mastered the art of painting a picture with her descriptive words and emotional tales, Ms. Regnery now tackles subjects like sexism and racism as she choreographs a sensual meeting of souls in the complicated dance of love. Carlos and Alice may come from different backgrounds, but they share a fierce will and deep bond to succeed. He pushed her to take risks and she gave him a chance to prove his worth. They needed each other. With beautiful locations, sexy dialogue and magnetic lead characters, it's no wonder why readers are drawn to this author.