Not My First Rodeo 2 Boxed Set

Not My First Rodeo 2 Boxed Set - Donna Alward, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Sarah M. Anderson Never has a compilation come along that varies in ideas but is so obviously meant to end up together. Donna Alward, Jenna Bayley Burke and Sarah M. Anderson embrace the power of what it means to be a woman with these tempting stories of danger, risky behavior and heartwarming humor.

Cassidy gets more than she bargained for in Seducing the Sheriff. From online dating to in need of protection, never would she have suspected that she'd find a love match along the way. Donna Alward brings the funny but combines a hint of danger with her always captivating and heartwarming formula.

With Roping the Rancher, Sarah Anderson seduces her readers with her tale of an older woman and a younger man. A little taboo, but a whole lot of sexy. Carly releases her inner vixen and finds out what happiness means.

Captivating the Cowboy by Jenna Bayley Burke - Jules has big dreams that do not include letting rancher, Slade tie her down. Will the heart win out over the ambition? A simple story of how powerful an emotional love can be.