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Sweet with a dash of sass

The Barrington Billionaire's Books 1-4 SWEET Version by Jeannette Winters




One White Lie


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Table for Two


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You and Me Make Three


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Virgin For The Fourth Time


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All the sugar and hold the spice

The Barrington Billionaire's Books 1-4 SWEET Version by Author Danielle Stewart







Fierce Love - Sweet


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Wild Eyes - Sweet


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Crazy Nights - Sweet


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Loyal Hearts - Sweet


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Author Jeannette Winters





Jeannette Winters is a romance author mixing heart, intrigue, and the steamy pleasure of a Billionaire romance.


Jeannette grew up in a large family, number ten out of eleven children, eight of them being older brothers. She quickly developed a great sense of humor, mostly from necessity. One of her greatest joys is sitting on the porch where they were all raised and hearing the stories from years gone by. Quietly laughing to herself, she notices how they embellish the stories more and more each year.


Storytelling was passed down from her grandfather and mother. Jeannette caught the bug at a very young age. If she didn’t have her head in a book, then she was off somewhere with a notebook, jotting down stories of what she would write if one day she became an author. Although the notebook may have vanished, the stories are still vivid and waiting for the right time to be told.

Despite having an amazing family, there have also been some sorrows in her life, including the loss of loved ones. Over the years, Jeannette has spent countless hours volunteering for different organizations and acting as a caregiver to those most dear to her. As a result, supporting the elderly became of utmost importance.


Connect with Jeannette


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Author-Jeannette-Winters-698597960237044


Website: http://www.jeannettewinters.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/JWintersAuthor


Newsletter Signup: http://www.jeannettewinters.com/contact.html








Author Danielle Stewart





I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and five year old son. I work hard to perfect the ability to write in a noisy house and create story lines while folding laundry. I love hearing from readers so please find me on social media!


Ten Things to know about me:


I have a fear of whales. All whales. The noise they make. The sight of them (even on tv). I don’t think this phobia has a name and I’ve never met anyone else who feels this way. I blame it on the 3D movie when I was 7 at the Boston Museum of Science. (Thanks Dad.)
When I get hungry it brings out the worst in me. My friends and family know to keep me well fed. They pack snacks now.
I can cook but not bake. Not even a little. Not even a box of brownies.
If there is a song I like it is normal to hear me listening to it a hundred times (give or take) in a row.
I do not, under any circumstances, read directions. Who has time for that? Making mac & cheese by the seat of my pants for the last 25 years.
Like a black-out drunk, I have lost hours of my life mysteriously to Pinterest. If you haven’t tried it yet… don’t. Save your self.
Before I became a mother, lots of things grossed me out. Now nothing does.
My favorite food is food… my least favorite food is no food. I love food. (apply the same rule to wine)
I do not have a green thumb. I have the kind of thumb that kills any type of plant ever given to me. Whatever kind of thumb that is… I have it.
Writing has changed my life. Not just the career it’s created but the way I feel when I write. If you have something you love to do I hope you get the opportunity to do it.




Connect with Danielle


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDanielleStewart


Website: http://authordaniellestewart.com/




Newsletter Signup:http://authordaniellestewart.com/contact.php





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