Swept Into Love: Gage Ryder

Swept Into Love: Gage Ryder - Melissa Foster

So this is what it means to take baby steps.

Step 1: Meet your soulmate.
Step 2: Break your own heart.
Step 3: Learn how to love again.

There's something about a guy, that will break his own heart in order to heal someone else's. Gage is that guy. A stand up friend, a stand - in father and a sensitive and sensual delight. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his penchant to love flows naturally. So close and yet so far away, convincing the woman of his dreams is proving anything but easy. Can he risk his heart for a woman afraid to open hers? Sally and Gage are a match made in heaven. He's determined, she's stubborn. She's running scared, he's never been more sure. Swept into Love is a conversation of the heart. If Gage and Sally would listen closely, they'd realize the deal was sealed, long ago. Ms. Foster can set off tingles and light up sparks as she carves out a clear pathway to the heart.