Chasing a Legend (Kavanagh Legends) by Sarah Robinson

Chasing a Legend: A Kavanagh Legends Novel - Sarah Robinson


When is a sports romance not just a sports romance? When Sarah Robinson is at the helm. Ms. Robinson and her Kavanagh Legends did something that for years I thought was impossible. Introduced me to gripping tales of courage, spirit and living the American dream. Told through the eyes of fictional sports heroes and fans alike. This author enabled me to discover a genre that I had previously shied away from and I've never looked back sense. Chasing a Legend explains why. 

Having hope in the face of adversity is never an easy task. Quinn and Kiera have learned that first hand. What they've forgotten is that in order to accomplish anything, a person has to believe in themselves. A lesson we all do well to remember and a point that Ms. Robinson drives home splendidly. Wise advice never gets old and neither does a second chance romance.