Untamed Devotion (Barrington Billionaires) by Danielle Stewart

Untamed Devotion (The Barrington Billionaires Book 5) - Danielle Stewart


When dealing in acquisitions and failures, it pays to know what you're up against.  Not every beautiful ornament is a treasure, sometimes beauty can be lethal.  Untamed Devotion reads like a metaphor for the haves and have nots.   The world is made up of good and bad, no matter the social class or environment a person chooses to inhabit. Monroe is a man of means that deals in the bottom line.  Aria is a woman with little to her name, but enough spirit to get her through life's disappointments.  They come from different worlds and in the midst of beauty, discover just how ugly the world can be.  Ms. Stewart lays out some often forgotten life lessons while crafting an intriguing tale of romance, danger and faith.  Happily ever after is only a teardrop away with Untamed Devotion. (4.5 stars)