You Do Something To Me (The Sullivans: New York) by Bella Andre

You Do Something To Me (New York Sullivans 3) - Bella Andre


Alec and Cordelia's story may seem like a bad cliche, but in reality it's a valid life lesson.  You Do Something To Me is about appreciating the blessings of fate and learning from the painful moments faced along the way.  It's not always pretty, but the feedback is worth each bump in the road.  These people entered each other lives at a time when they needed each other most.  From the pain of loss, to the trappings of instant fame, wealth and the surprising twists headed their way, the secret heir and the wealthy playboy change each other's lives in a big way. One obvious lesson to me is once a Sullivan takes over a heart there's no way to ever get it back.  Something author and characters have in common.