Drowning Erin by Elizabeth O'Roark

Drowning Erin - Elizabeth O'Roark


Drowning Erin is the read I've been searching for, but had no idea I was trying to find.  Ms. O'Roark opened up Pandora's box with her tale of profound emotion that is realistically true to life.  Erin is a woman caught between a mirage and her heart.  She wants the perfect life, but is living in a world of make believe.  Her heart is pulling her in one direction while her mind is going in another.  Then Brendan enters her world and starts to upend everything she thought was important.  He see's beyond the image and awakens her soul.  Caught in the middle of the mess that has become her life, can she navigate the chaos and find her way to happiness with the man of dreams?  Brendan and Erin touch emotions not often acknowledged, but in need of exploration.  Ms. O'Roark takes aim at preconceived notions while breaking through the heart's barriers and making a home for her characters.