A Wedding for Christmas (A Veteran's Christmas) by Rachelle Ayala

A Wedding for Christmas: A Veteran's Christmas, Book 3 - Rachelle Ayala, Elizabeth Klett, LLC Rachelle Ayala Publishing


What began with the dreams of a little girl has become an inspirational tale of the human spirit.  Rachelle Ayala tackles despair, hope and everlasting love through the eyes of innocence.  Her, "A Veteran's Christmas" series explores what family really means.  We can't control the surprises in life but it's the precious moments and enduring, faith that helps in times of crisis.  Ms. Klett is once again ready to shine a light on the trails of Kelly, Bree and Tyler on their road to happily ever after.  Her talent is unmatched with her entertaining vocal transitions and her emotionally charged connection to the characters.  Hope is never far away, when faith is on your side.  After all the drama, it looks like there will be "A Wedding for Christmas" and I'm glad to have a front row seat.