Only for You (Sugar Lake) by Melissa Foster

Only for You (Sugar Lake) - Melissa Foster


Many of our most defining moments are born of heartache and pain. What makes them prolific is that those instances are when a person is at their strongest. Ms. Foster never seems to forget that and it shows within her stories. In the face of loss, adversity and uncertainty, she inspires. Only for You is a tale of fearlessness. Bridgette is afraid of being left behind.  Bodhi is a loner.  His career has made him that way. A dangerous lifestyle leaves no room for a heart, when he'll only end up breaking someone else's in the long run. How does a person learn not to fear life, when hurt is their constant companion?  With a little bit of hope, a whole lot of faith and an abundance of love, anything is possible.  That's what's so special about this author.  She pushes readers to open their hearts and believe in the impossible.   Love has no boundaries.