Diamonds and Dirt Roads

Diamonds and Dirt Roads - Erin Nicholas

Life has a way of throwing curve balls. Ava, Brynn and Cori have just landed in the middle of one. Death has a way of being the ultimate wake up call. For billionaire Rudy, his call came a tad too late. Or did it? Diamonds and Dirt Roads begins a father's love letter to his beautiful little girls who have become fierce and lost young women. With the help of a to do list, a father guides the girls he never took the time to know, become the women they are meant to be. In book one Cori gets her time to shine. Misunderstood and brushed aside Cori is about to show the world she's more than just the party girl, she's thought to be. Erin Nicholas can always be counted on to pour on the charm with hypnotizing stories of heartache, humor and healing. You can never stop at just one.