Rock King (Nothing but Trouble) by Tara Leigh

Rock King (Nothing but Trouble) - Tara Leigh Cobble


Shane is a mirage. He knows how to shine, but he's better at knowing how to self destruct. Underneath the bright lights, he can be what the people wants. An untouchable, larger than life rock star. Behind closed doors he falls apart. He breaks hearts, ruin friendships and tortures himself with the demons of his past. He wants to be saved, but is not willing to rescue himself. Delaney is the epitome of what his heart desires, but not necessarily what his heart needs. She's a showstopper in more ways than even he knows. Her secrets are less obvious but still exist. Tara Leigh has become a favorite author of mine. She's not afraid to show the dark side of fame, wealth and love. The side we all know to exist, but refuse to see. Rock King is an on the edge romance that is toxic, tempting and touching. Delaney and Shane are caught in a masquerade of their own making, Can they survive the big reveal?