Fearless (Rosewood Bay) by Carly Phillips

Fearless - Carly Phillips


To be Fearless is learning to be strong when the world succeeds at knocking you down. Fearless is listening to your heart and giving it a chance to make a new start. With Carly Phillips, the situations never begin ideal, but the takeaway is always the same. Inspiring, terrifying and mystifying adventures await.  Kane and Halley have it rough. Their a total mismatch.  He follows his heart.  She's afraid to set her's free.   He believes love exists. She has seen little evidence of it.  He longs to help her heal.  She knows she's a lost cause.  The odds are stacked against them, but he has something she lacks. FAITH.  Ms. Phillips faces some dark situations and delivers heavy hitting truths, but along the way she lays out an inspirational tale of the staying power that is love.  When the darkness hits, love is the light that guides the way to guide you home.