Only a Millionaire

Only a Millionaire - J.S. Scott Love is...J.S. Scott. She has a way with hearts. From the bruised and damaged to the hauntingly dangerous and the lonely wanderers, her tales of love are also beacons of hope. Love has many subtitles, but the big picture is love is unstoppable. Through the painful hits, the heartbreaking lows, the inspiring highs and the frustrating uh ohs, there is no outrunning it's power. The Sinclairs are living proof of this awe inspiring emotion. In a world of hard knocks, they've thrived and survived. It's heartbreaking to say goodbye, but Only A Millionaire is the sweetest swan song. A chance to revisit old friends, make new ones and be a fool for love all over again. New beginnings, happy endings and loving families are at the heart of another sensational romance. Readers enter with a heavy heart but always leave with a smile. The magic of J.S. Scott.