Unbridled (Long, Tall Texans #49) by Diana Palmer

Unbridled - Diana Palmer


Unbridled packs quite a punch. From dangerous realism that haunts to heartbreaking romance that heals, Diana Palmer crafts a courageous story of slow moving justice and long awaited romance. Sunny and John know heartache coupled with tragedy. For Sunny, it follows her every waking moment, reminding her not to trust and crushing her ability to hope. For John it drives a wedge between him and his teenage son and forces him to clean up the streets, even as he closes off his heart. When John's job starts to hit too close to home and endanger the people he loves, is when the lone wolf bears his teeth. Now he will stop at nothing to protect the son that he loves and the women he can't forget. Non-stop action is the backdrop for an emotional stunner that is as raw as it unforgettable. Classic Diana Palmer.